By - Richard Allison

Commercial Products Based On Cannabis

But what this legislative change allows goes far beyond smoking this herb, as many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this resurgence and using cannabis in ways that were previously unthinkable for ordinary people.

The stigma of “drug addict” is being promoted to those who support and use this plant, to demonize these uses and incorporate it into the daily elaboration of a varied range of products. Cannabis is gradually becoming a space in the well being and health sector thanks to a multitude of products and treatments that it promotes among its followers and future consumers.

Fruit of these efforts have emerged initiatives to improve the bad reputation of this millennial plant, as it was the Summit from Hollywood: the 5,000-year-old plant – how to use it, what can potentially be treated, which was held recently in this city and that it counted on participants of the renowned medical and sports sector. Among the defending characters, Max Simon is the founder and CEO of Green Flower Media, an online page that deals with educational issues regarding cannabis.

Simon has publicly stated: “A whole generation has said that this is something that is bad for you and evil,” even though many in the medical field believe that it can be a useful remedy for many problems.

Cannabis affects body chemistry in several and profound ways, which is why several companies are beginning to invest in this product with the idea that it can cause a great revolution in the sector of health care in general and body welfare. From dermatological and nutritional products to incorporation in organic farming methods, their uses seem to be very varied and useful.