By - Richard Allison

Cannabis: The Benefits It Would Have On Hair And Skin

For some time now there has been talking that marijuana has properties that help in health.  Moreover, this year some cannabis-based drugs went on sale in Chile. Along with this, other studies have emerged stating that cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects, according to the University of Beck in Germany.

In addition to the above, have also come to the market beauty products that contain properties of cannabis that would do well for the skin and hair. It is important to note that thanks to a study by the University of Seville, it can be said that cannabis oil does not contain the THC cannabis and therefore has no narcotic effects, according to the website of the magazine May Interested.

Cannabis On The Skin

According to the magazine specialized in the subject, Cannabis Magazine, this natural product serves for the moisturization of the skin, “the essential oil of Cannabis, particularly it stands out for its enormous ease of absorption through the successive layers of human skin,” count. This oil penetrates in such a way that it reaches “into the energetic meridians of the human body arranged in the blood circulation as well as in the lymphatic system, arriving directly and without mediation to the set of cells, tissues, organs, devices, and systems.”

In that sense, the use of cannabis oil to produce external creams would be good, since it acts on the dryness of the skin and also nourishes it, providing Omega 3 and 6.

Cannabis In The Hair

On the other hand, in the site specialized in marijuana, Weed. Cl, affirm that “our hair can also be benefited from cannabis, because thanks to its properties, it provides hydration and shines”.

This substance also contains Vitamin E, so “promotes cell regeneration, and protein that helps rebuild damaged hair, giving it more elasticity and smoothness.” Also, it serves to nourish the scalp thanks to gamma-linolenic acid, “which is moisturizing and therefore, combats dryness, eliminating problems such as dandruff.”

The Curious Use Of Cannabis In Health And Beauty Products

Marijuana seems to be in a stage of frank and sustained resurgence, ready to recover its old reputation, which linked it with a history of prestige, respect, and full social recognition. Although it is difficult for us to conceive today, cannabis was used in ancient times for a multitude of applications, from industrial fiber, hemp, to medicine and food.

Within these cannabis defending manifestations, some regions of the world, including several American states, are raising their voices and are more relaxed in their position against marijuana, allowing the consumer freedom to be used for therapeutic or scientific purposes.