By - Richard Allison

Cannabis In Your Beauty Products?

Due to the popularity of cannabis nowadays both for recreational and medicinal, even beauty products are now embracing the use of cannabis. With the many benefits of cannabis, manufacturers have decided to incorporate this in their products. Cannabis contains oil that is truly beneficial for the skin in terms of hydration. 

Another good thing about cannabis in beauty products is that it helps in the process of healing. It also aids in healing and improving some skin conditions, including eczema, which is a common problem today. 

In this article by Jenna Igneri, she talks about everything that you need to know about beauty products and cannabis:

After a season full of harsh cold temperatures and drying indoor heat, I can say that the winter has been pretty rough on my skin. My normally clear complexion has been left parched and weather-beaten, with my sometimes-eczema coming back in the form of rough, red patches on both of my cheeks. For someone who seldom has a pimple, I was suddenly breaking out nonstop. I decided I needed to change things up.

After doing a bit of poking around to find a new heaven-sent product or ingredient to save my face (or, simply some advice on how to get my skin back to a normal state), I came across a few brands that carry cannabis-infused beauty products. While I had been seeing a number of products containing hemp seed oil or other ingredients derived from the cannabis plant in the market for some time, I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about. Was it moisturizing? A miracle ingredient? Did it get you high? Read full post here…

With all these beauty products with cannabis, which ones are you actually planning to try?