By - Richard Allison

Can THC Be tested At Home

The potency of your cannabis can vary and people who have a rudimentary experience can attest to that. Some people love testing THC on their home because they get to learn the effects of the strain and how strong this strain is. For a person who is using cannabis for medicinal purposes, the potency is important when it comes to a person’s therapy. To help us understand more about THC testing, this article by A.J. Herrington will surely help us understand: 

If you’re growing your own herb, or getting it from a source that hasn’t tested it, there are options available for you to determine its potency. If you live in a state that has legal weed, there may be a commercial lab near you that performs potency, contamination and other tests on samples you provide to them. But lab tests can be costly, running about $40 or more for each potency analysis.

Options to do your own potency testing are available online, but do they work?

That’s what we wanted to find out, so with the help of San Diego cannabis testing facility PharmLabs, we put the tests to the test.

After reaching out to the manufacturers of several testing options, three agreed to provide their product and participate in our admittedly unscientific experiment. We’d like to thank these companies and PharmLabs for their invaluable assistance with this project. Read full post here…

Whether you test your cannabis at home or at a laboratory, both will help you know the strain and the effects of the cannabis that you have planted yourself.